Tips cara membuat sehat

Cara menghilangkan Lemak di perut

Posted on: October 2, 2013

People who have problems with excess fat caused by several things such as lifestyle habits of eating fatty foods and lack of exercise in particular activities . If you already have complaints associated with excess fat here are some tips you can do to get rid of fat in the body .

Drinking water – Your body needs plenty of fluids drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day can help remove saturated fats through sweat / urine . If the body is dehydrated the body will feel weak so make up your appetite resulting in excessive fat consumption and it is very dangerous .

Cara menghilangkan Lemak di perut cara menghilangkan lemak di perut How to lose fat in the abdomen In essence the human body needs fat but the fat often became the main enemy because of the function of fat in the body do not function properly . Fat can be beneficial if the portion of the body as needed . If the lack of fat it will appear illnesses such as malnutrition easily hurt and even depression . However excess fat also cause problems such as obesity potentially having a heart attack high blood pressure and stroke . Levels of fat in the body should be controlled so as not to cause problems .


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